Middletown Sealcoating Provides Excellent Aspahlt Sealing Services in Smyrna Delaware


Asphalt driveway sealing in Smyrna De is the best way to protect your residential pavement. No one knows this better than the professionals at Middletown Sealcoating in Smyrna DE. We provide aspahlt sealcoating services to homeowners and businesses in Smyrna De and surrounding communities. With many years expierence and a team of licensed and insured sealcoating specialists, our crew is ready to provide you with the services you need and deserve to keep your home or business looking it's best. 

A paved entrance to your home can greatly improve your property’s curb appeal, but deteriorated asphalt can have the opposite effect. Driveway sealing protects against the toll of time and the elements take on asphalt pavement by acting as a barrier against rain, automotive fluids, heavy traffic, and even UV damage caused by sunlight.

Without the application of high-quality sealant, water will seep into the pores in an asphalt surface. After the water has penetrated deep into the pavement and winter weather begins, the water (along with the surrounding asphalt) freezes and expands, causing cracking and other damage.

Automotive fluids like gasoline and motor oil add to the problem by weakening the top layer of a paved surface. Along with UV rays, they react with the asphalt and begin to break down the upper portion of the pavement over time.

Driveway sealcoating will prevent water seepage and shield against other causes of damage, and it will add years to the life of asphalt pavement. 

Middletown Sealcoating has an excellent reputation when it comes to driveway sealing and other driveway repair in Smyrna DE. Don’t let the elements threaten your driveway — call Middletown Sealcoating at 302-922-1643 or click here to arrange a free estimate.


"Found these guys by word of mouth from our neighbor down the street. They were happy customers so we decided to give them a shot. I got to say I was very impressed by this small company and they were very competitive on their pricing. Nice job guys."

James B.

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