Listed below are many of the reasons aspahlt sealing is the most affective way to protect your pavement:

  • Extends pavement life and eliminates high repair costs.

  • Blocks the harmful and drying effects of the sun.

  • Protects against water and the freeze-thaw cycle.

  • Prevents gas, oil, and other auto-fluid damage.

  • Provides a smooth surface for cleaning.

  • Keeps asphalt looking new and beautiful.

  • Increases the value of your home, business or property.



Regularly sealing your asphalt can save you from having major repairs down the road such as overlays, removal and replacements.

Sealing your asphalt every few years is more cost effective than removing and replacing failed asphalt every 30 years. Also, your asphalt stays intact and looking good throughout its lifespan.

By sealing your asphalt,  you are providing a flexible, stable and standardized compound to act as a wall to protect your asphalt surface from the damaging effects of the elements. Sealcoating also fills in the porous surface of asphalt and keeps water from penetrating its structure.


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